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The Wolven is an honest attempt at developing a system of community building tools that are delivered through content, services and products to sustain wholesome lives, healthy minds and strengthening spirits to enable resilience in communities, both new and mature.


While managing our own communities, we also encourage community leaders and contributors to join us and share our range of resources and tools to promote and expand the capabilities of our communities sustainably. 


We also delve into practical wisdom and apply them with approaches that have been refined through the rigorous test of time. Recognising the value of the deeper aspects to stories and outcomes they impart on our lives through it's power of allegories. 


Our goal is in enriching individual lives, embarking on adventures, sharing valuable lessons, experiences while building communities with strong ties. 

Being human driven to discern consumption, rather than being brand driven without conciousness. 

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The Wolven's Zig

The Philosophy in The Wolven is represented with the logo in a few different ways. From leading a path for free thought from within the box to outside of it through free thought, to being the the zig to everyone else's zag. It is not with pride but with great personal effort that we pursue a holistic life, away from the clutches of any silos of narratives that seek to distort truth, demean virtuous living and dampen spirits while avoiding moralising any position.

Most importantly, The Wolven is rooted in balance, moderation and restraint, many of which we explore in depth from our outlook on eastern and western philosophies, where we extract most of our modern wisdom from, while identifying areas for progress where necessary. Intellectual pursuits are incomplete without taking spiritual action, and it's in the middle where we do our best work.

We try to stay away from being controversial as much as possible, as they serve little to no purpose in the betterment of individual lives. Instead the aim is to depoliticise, create and flourish. 

Harmony is always the priority for The Wolven. 

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