The Wolven is a lifestyle brand, and a humble attempt at sustainably providing people with access to exploring honest ideas, philosophy and the concept of 'right living', while sustaining the business through merchandise. We hold the belief that quality of the our products and content are only made better through for-profit means, as it gives us access to better capital the better we perform for our customers and audiences.  


We are also a closely knit community of wisdom seekers who delve into sense making, personal development and spirituality without falling for pretentious quackery, superstition or polarisation.


The ultimate result of our  focus is in enriching individual lives,  organising adventures to embark on and share experiences to pass on valuable lessons acquired through various individual rites of passage.



The Philosophy in The Wolven is represented with the logo in a few different ways. From leading a path for free thought from within the box to outside of it, to being the the zig to everyone else's zag. It is not with pride but with great personal effort that we pursue a holistic life, away from the clutches of any silos of narratives that seek to distort truth, demean virtuous living and dampen spirits for their own vested agenda. 

Most importantly, The Wolven is rooted in balance, moderation and restraint, many of which we explore in depth with our explanation series on eastern and western philosophies, where we extract most of our modern wisdom from, while identifying areas for progress where necessary. 

We try to stay away from being controversial  as much as possible, as they serve little to no purpose in the betterment of individual lives. Instead the aim is to depoliticise and bring focus back into our own individual lives in hopes to find balance in the current hyper-polarised climate of public discourse.

Harmony is always the priority. 


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