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Harmony through resilience.


Know Yourself.

Be part of The Wolven and explore topics and activities that broaden your mind and strengthen your spirit to live a principled life full of self discovery and wholesome understanding.

We have a variety of activities, specialty clubs and meaningful sharing sessions that run through the year, so stay tuned for more updates!

If you're interested to become a member in one of our communities or join in on our adventures then click the link below and drop us an email!

DAB Dive Club

Dive in Adelaide with a group of buddies, friends and family throughout the year in some of the best dive spots in South Australia!


We're in the midst of organising the club and building partnerships, but get ahead of it all and join us on one of our dives! As an unofficial group, we don't charge a dime.


Nurture your Community.

Whether you are a community leader, or a contributor, take action in building and sustaining resilient communities wherever you go. Take individual growth and potential to the next level with a strong support network and camaraderie.


Be it engagement, organisation of communication channels or management principles of a community, The Wolven has much to offer; having run communities with authentic and unique engagements beyond the synthetic mirage of social media.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates to learn how you can grow with us and subscribe to us!

Stay informed

For the intellectually inclined, read our ramblings on topics diving into wisdom, philosophy, reason, ethics and more. Allow yourself to stay 


Kayaking into Sunset

Your actions in the present ripple through time, to colour your past and determine your future.

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