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Rite of Passage

Be part of The Wolven to push yourself and others to live a fulfilling life through wisdom, self discovery and focus. 

We are in the midst of structuring activities and a portal for our community, stay tuned for updates.

If you're interested to be a part of our community, join us in one of our adventures or submit the details of an adventure you've undertaken. Click the link below and drop us an email. 

Gear up.

We seasonally release merchandise from apparels to mugs that people love. Most, if not all our merchandise are selected from the idea of practicality and for regular use. 

Offering Merch in our store allows us to be independent and support the work we do, if you like what you see, grab them while they last!

We are releasing our 'unplugged' series of merchandise with the launch of our site, leave any feedback as it allows us to improve the quality of our products and the products we offer.

Explore Ideas

Kayaking into Sunset

Your actions in the present ripple through time to colour your past and determine your future.


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